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gaps & traps

your challenges, you’re not alone. . .

  • “we don’t seem to be getting the right hires!”
  • “we should build our bench strength – but how?”
  • “how can we know if our high potential will be the best fit for that future role?”
  • “if only we had read the signs of why our people are leaving us!”
  • exit interviews?! if someone is leaving, what value is there in interviewing them?”
  • “with such great individuals in the team, why can’t they communicate better!?”
  • “rolling out this new project will be challenging – how do we minimize resistance to change?” 
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strategic human resources

begin with the end in mind. . .

so that the steps you take are always in the right direction –  stephen covey 

“crafting purposeful communication to effectively manage change, towards strategic talent management.”

Amidst accelerated digital transformations, shifts to ‘work-from-anywhere’ and numerous other disruptions, organizations realize the need to future-proof their business. This involves having in place a talent management strategy focusing on high-impact activities, and evolving with business needs. With the increasing complexity of talent management, cross-functional collaboration with HR becomes critical in shaping the workforce for unprecedented situations.

We work with you to shape your talent management strategy, identify business critical roles, assess current bench strength and develop leadership and workforce for the agile environment. 

A rapidly evolving work landscape impacts the nature of work as well as employee expectations. Even with the best-planned transformation and change processes, there will be resistance. It is after all the people who will need to do things differently. For any change to be successful, stakeholders have to embrace as well as sustain the change. Change management is about managing the people side of change.

We work with you to develop your change management strategy, select practical tools and techniques, and build capabilities for managing the complexities of change.

A rational approach to communicate, and specifically to influence would appear to be one appealing through logic and reason. This would certainly inspire trust and confidence but will the target audience be persuaded to shift from their current positions? Behavioral science suggests the need to consider that people are innately wired to process and respond to messages differently. They need to be engaged at a personal level for the intended outcomes.


We work with you to streamline your communication strategy, integrate behavioral styles with communication preferences, and frame impactful conversations for big and small chunk thinkers.

s h a r m a    k u m a r i

international stints cross-industry experience high-value expertise


Sharma Kumari is Founder-Consultant, Step by Stepz Solutions, a strategic HR – Talent Management company in Malaysia.

Her vast industry experience spans more than 25 years in mid to senior positions, with specialist roles in HR-Talent Management; Corporate Communication; and Learning & Development.

Sharma has led and managed cross-functional teams from the senior-most level right down to fresh graduates.

Amongst others, she managed key projects including foreign acquisitions and new ventures; formulated strategic leadership initiatives; managed  succession planning; and stakeholder management across regions.

Over the years, Sharma has spoken and moderated at numerous conferences, and facilitated training engagements in more than 15 countries.


As faculty trainer for Human Capital Institute USA, Sharma facilitates a suite of strategic HR Certification programs for Asia-Pacific. She is also Associate, for Inspire Group Asia’s  bespoke leadership solutions.

Sharma is a certified Lead Assessor for Assessment and Development Centers. She  designs and conducts individual assessment for mid to top-level executives for candidate best-fit, potential, and level of readiness in the succession  framework.  She prepares the consultant report for the development or reassignment of respective candidates. 

She also coaches and mentors across generations in personal and professional development.

Sharma has several merit awards both at university and her various workplaces. She has been recognized ‘101 Top Global Training & Development Minds’ at the World HRD Congress, India.


Her postgrad in MA, Communication Management, earned Sharma the Vice-Chancellor’s acknowledgement and invitation to Golden Keys International Honor Society. Alongside her full-time job in a PLC, Sharma was invited to serve as adjunct lecturer for Critical Thinking & Communication in a leading Malaysian university, for 7 years.

She speaks and moderates at industry events, besides emceeing at various high-profile events aligned with the required etiquette-protocol. These include annual award functions for the chemical and electrical engineering industries.

She is a Professional Member & Exco, Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers; member of both Malaysian Institute of Management, and Malaysian Institute of HRM; and Member, Dial-A-Mentor, Assertive Women Africa.

strategic human resources • strategic talent management

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