head, torso legs

Leading management consultancy, #Bain & Co outline 33 distinguishing characteristics of an inspirational leader. 32 are classified into 4 quadrants: Developing Inner Resources, Connecting with Others, Leading the Team, and Setting the Tone. However, pivotal to all these is the 33rd trait of Centeredness.

Being inspirational is having the distinct ability to motivate and drive others to greater heights of achievement and success – however we choose to define it. Unless a leader is centered there would not be the greater mindfulness achieved by being fully present and engaged.

At a recently facilitated Leadership program, I divided participants into 3 teams to draw Head, Torso and Legs respectively.

Without knowing what each was drawing, it was hilarious when the H-T-L parts were randomly placed together.

It was not difficult for the participants to see how things can go ‘differently’ if there is no centeredness to the goal. On the flip side, unplanned creativity may emerge!

Sharma Kumari

Sharma Kumari

Step by Stepz Founder, over 25 years industry and international experience, with core expertise in HR-Talent Management and L&D. Led and managed wide-range of assignments, including speaking / training engagements in more than 15 countries.

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