exit interviews... gold mines?

What do recruitment interviews and exit interviews have in common? Several things, but definitely the impact that both have on organizational growth and improvement.

Arguably, the connection between great hiring and business outcomes is more visible, hence lots more focus on recruiting. Less time is spent to drill down on the ‘triggers  to quit’ stories, and to analyze what the impact has been on the business or organization.

Yet, it is exactly these experiences, especially of undesirable turnover, which need to be tapped. Failure to do so, adds on to the cumulative (negative) impact on business and organizational outcomes.

Each exiting employee represents ‘invaluable data’ walking out the door. Despite the lagging indicators, the data point to the gaps, challenges and plusses within an organization. These in turn inform the human capital strategy and the workplace culture.

Exit interviews are already reporting instances of employees quitting on employers who push to get people back into offices. We can choose to ignore this as a minority knee-jerk reaction or as temporary WFH complacency. But the systemic cracks are there, and we need to probe on how deep they are.

The success of an exit interview hinges on the interviewer’s ability to win the trust and confidence of the exiting employee. It is critical to equip them with awareness of their role and goals, in addition to skillful questioning techniques to manage anything from evasion to people-bashing.

A well conducted exit interview provides the exiting employee with an amicable close to a working relationship, and for some, an avenue to air their frustrations and leave with a lighter heart!

With this in mind, it is truly satisfying each time I conduct Effective Exit Interviewing, to  have an enthusiastic group, with endless questions and viewpoints!

Sharma Kumari

Sharma Kumari

Step by Stepz Founder, over 25 years industry and international experience, with core expertise in HR-Talent Management and L&D. Led and managed wide-range of assignments, including speaking / training engagements in more than 15 countries.

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