metaverse or your privacy?

If you had a choice, will you surrender your privacy? What if you had no choice? Ask #Metaverse.
Being part of a ‘surveillance society’ humans already feel seen and heard 24/7. Double-edged technology has not only simplified, but taken over numerous aspects of our lives. The new virtual universe or #Metaverse according to @SamBlum in #HRBrew is a “series of interconnected, 3D environments that humans explore via avatar, conversing and collaborating through spatial audio.” It is a mirror of our own world, except it brings with it new types of human connections. For years, we have willingly succumbed to fingerprint biometric data in the guise of convenience.
The metaverse-based workplace is set to be the new reality, with its enhanced interaction and collaboration. However, let’s brace ourselves as the metaverse monitors us through our facial movements or eye-tracking, for that lapse in our attention which we thought no one saw, or our disengagement during that boring (yawn) presentation. In this case then, how will leaders gauge and rate performances? Will criteria be modified for example in a 2-hr meeting could the scores be: Zero Yawns = 5 pts; up to 5 yawns = 0 pts?🙂 Or, whilst interviewing the prospective #CEO for succession planning, should we consider, her / his /their cognitive load?
What are your creative thoughts on this?
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Sharma Kumari

Sharma Kumari

Step by Stepz Founder, over 25 years industry and international experience, with core expertise in HR-Talent Management and L&D. Led and managed wide-range of assignments, including speaking / training engagements in more than 15 countries.

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